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AmberWrite’s academic writing specialists help researchers to improve the quality, scientific content and publishing prospects of their research papers. We also develop and deliver academic writing workshops for universities around the world.

About us

AmberWrite brings together an extensive network of expert academic reviewers and language editors

AmberWrite was founded in 2012 by Dr. Tomasz Liskiewicz, an Associate Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Leeds.
AmberWrite combines the expertise of professional language editors with specialist academic content reviewers who are leaders in their fields – giving researchers a unique opportunity to create the highest standards of academic paper.

Expert content reviewers from prestigious universities

Our expert reviewers work at the UK’s foremost academic institutions, including Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Oxford University, University of Leeds and York University. They are international experts in their fields of study, they publish extensively, and regularly act as reviewers for major international publishers.

Language editors to perfect your prose

Once your paper has been reviewed for scientific content, our language editors scrutinise your text to ensure it is presented clearly, logically and engagingly – to improve its chances of publication. Our language editors are native-English speakers with broad experience of editing academic research papers.

Intensive training in academic writing skills

As published academics, researchers and journal editors, we understand what’s involved at every stage of writing a research paper and going through the peer review process. To share this expertise, we have developed interactive training workshops based on our many years of experience, which we deliver for universities worldwide.

Our expert reviewers work at leading UK academic institutions, including:

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Your paper

Get published in the journal of your choice

To maximize the chances of your paper being accepted in the journal of your choice, your manuscript will go through our unique two-stage editing process. Your paper will undergo not only language editing but also field-specific content revision by an experienced subject specialist.

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Expert revision

Your paper will be assigned to a leading academic in your field, chosen from our network of specialist authors, reviewers and editors. You will receive specific advice and feedback on how to improve the scientific content and relevance of your paper. Our service includes a second round of revision to confirm the changes you have made, free of charge.

Language editing

Your paper will undergo a rigorous language editing process by our experienced editors. They will ensure that your spelling, punctuation and grammar are perfect, but also that your arguments are presented in a clear, logical and creative way, for maximum impact.


Our training workshops are designed to make the academic publishing process an enjoyable and successful experience for authors

Our one-day intensive workshops provide expert training and guidance for effective academic publishing. During the workshop, participants will work on their current paper drafts through a series of tailored tasks and exercises. The format of the training is a mix of instruction, interactive group work and independent study.

The training workshops provide authors with information, strategies and practical tips to improve their publication success. Topics covered include manuscript preparation, efficient data presentation, measuring impact, the paper submission process, the peer-review system, copyright law and social media exposure.

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Enjoyable and extremely useful. Will enable me to be more successful when submitting.


October 2016

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Well delivered and crisp. Good balance between theory and practical examples.


May 2015

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Workshop made me feel enthusiastic about writing! Would definitely recommend to a friend.

Rio De Janeiro

May 2014

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Traning Programme

  • Choosing the publication type
  • Open-access journals
  • Making and measuring impact
  • Choosing the right journal
  • Approaching the writing process
  • Your paper’s main message
  • Effective ways to present data
  • Ethics and plagiarism
  • Submission and peer-review
  • Journal editor perspective
  • Replying to reviewers’ comments
  • Copyright rules for authors
  • Ways to increase citations
  • Becoming a reviewer

Trainer profile

Dr. Tomasz Liskiewicz is actively involved in academic publishing as a journal editor, member of the journal boards and reviewer. He extensively publishes the results of his research in the fields of materials science, tribology and surface engineering.

Tomasz has more than ten years’ experience in developing and delivering technical and academic training programmes. He is a certified Trainer by Peak Potentials.


Expert Revision

Stand out from the crowd. Let an experienced academic researcher in your field help to improve the scientific content and relevance of your paper.

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Clock 2 weeks

Expert from your field

You remain anonymous

Free second round of revision

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Language editing (1000 words min. order)

Make sure your paper is written to the highest standards, with language editing by an experienced editor and native English speaker.

£12 /1000 words

£15 /1000 words

Clock 6 days

Clock 48 hours

Professional language editing

Secure and confidential

Standard or rapid service

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Language editing
& expert revision

Maximize the chances of your paper being published in the journal of your choice by improving both its scientific rigour and written quality.

£10 /1000 words

£12 /1000 words

£130 /paper

Clock 6 days

Clock 48 hours

Clock 2 weeks

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Get published in leading journals

Trusted by international academics

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